Keen Psychic Reviews

Keen is a very well known psychic network, but well known doesn’t always mean good. In this Keen psychic review I look at whether you should try them out or not.

Out initial impressions were positive when we started to review Keen, and we went ahead and tried out both their psychic readings by phone and psychic live chat.

keen psychic reviews

How KEEN psychics works

KEEN is a network of psychics which means that they are a large directory, where you can choose the most suitable psychic for you based on their area of interest and expertise. The great thing we really liked was that the first three minutes of the psychic reading are free. This allows you to really test out both KEEN and the psychics themselves.

Equally important, everything that is said during the phone call is both private and anonymous. The reading is covered by their guarantee of confidentiality so you can feel safe to be honest and truthful about your problems.

Is Keen any good?

A talented and experienced psychic advisor can provide you with useful insights on love, romance, relationships, finances and your job. What we like most about KEEN, is that the psychic mediums we spoke to were very compassionate in their readings. They really listened to what we were saying, and didn’t just give generic advice. The advice was very tailored to us, and the medium was very intuitive. This really results in a very good reading.

KEEN offers a free daily horoscope, which won’t replace a one-to-one reading, but certainly provides further guidance and inspiration on a daily basis.

How to get the best reading from a KEEN advisor

While the quality of the service is the biggest factor that will determine how good the reading is, your attitude does contribute. So it’s important to keep an open mind, and be honest with yourself and the advisor. Don’t cover things up because you’re embarrassed, but instead be truthful.

Another great tip I can give you is to be clear on what you want. Are you looking for real-life advice, spiritual guidance or fortune telling? Based on this you can then choose the best reading, such as love, tarot, psychic or horoscope.

Keen Psychic Reviews – Verdict

Both their psychic and tarot readings were very good. We spend most of the review on phone readings, but were satisfied with their live chat as well.

In addition to our tests, there are plenty of customer testimonials and reviews that support our conclusion that this is a good service.

I recommend you give Keen psychics a try, especially with the special offer where you can test out a free psychic readings for the first three minutes.

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