Free Psychic Reading Online – A Review Of The Best Psychics Online

I’ve always been fascinated by anything psychic and supernatural; and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been captivated by being able to both foresee and improve my future. That’s why I’ve complied a review of the best paid and the best free psychic readings online to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Can you really get a free psychic reading online?

Psychic readings are nothing new; they’ve been around for what seems like forever. Online psychic readings however are relatively new, and it seems like with anything that is not clearly understood, the Internet makes it even more difficult to understand. That’s why we’ve undertaken a serious amount of research in finding the website that offers the best free psychic reading online, which unfortunately was a whole lot more difficult than I first psychic reading online
The majority of online free psychic readings were just plain terrible. Unqualified psychics preformed them, or sometimes even scam artists who just wanted to sell us all kinds of nonsense. The rest were automated programs, which didn’t predict anything, much less give you any real personalized insight into your life and future. So while you definitely can get a free psychic reading online; we don’t recommend it. It’s just a waste of your time, and a misguided, inaccurate reading can do more damage than good. The good news for you is that we found the best places to get an online psychic reading and some of these are seriously cheap (and sometimes even free)!

Where can you get the best free online psychic reading?

Like we discussed, getting a free psychic reading online that’s worth your time is easier said than done. In fact, there’s not that many websites offering free physic reading online that are real or even add any value to your life. BUT – we did find a few great websites where you can have short introductory free psychic readings, which are actually worth your time (it’s still better to pay and have the full experience but if you prefer not to pay this is a great starting point). For example, we found a terrific offer that allows you to ask a question for free with no strings attached. Whether you have a question about love, relationships, family, finances, or whatever, a high quality answer will be provided by a real person. In fact, having a gifted reader answer a question for free is incredibly rare (trust me, we searched the Internet for weeks!). While it’s not a complete reading, having a question answered by a talented reader is pretty amazing. So go ahead and ask your question below, and receive a live answer pretty much straight away …

Should you ever pay for online psychic readings?

The answer to this question is a definitive yes. While it’s certainly possible to get a free psychic reading, you won’t get the best psychics if you’re just looking for a freebie. Think about it, why would anyone who’s absolutely amazing at what they do, offer their services for free? I wouldn’t, you wouldn’t – no one would! So the first rule is to be very skeptical of anyone offering a full reading for free! After a whole lot of research, we found that even the best free online psychic reading was pretty terrible (with the exception of the few free trials we list in this article). Sure a free online psychic reading is a good starting point if you’re new to all of this, but if you want a useful and accurate reading, you’re going to need to open your wallet. The good news is that I’ve found some very inexpensive online psychics that were able to give us a pretty awesome reading – which I’m sharing with you in this article.

How will you get your readings?

Before I threw myself into the mystic and fascinating world of psychics, I associated it with a scary looking woman with a magical glass ball. The thing is, the world of fortune tellers and mediums has evolved quite a lot – and today, psychics come in all shapes and forms.
There’s basically four ways that you can receive a reading:

  • In person,
  • By Phone,
  • By Email, or
  • Online chat

free psychic readingsNone of these is better or worse, as it really depends on your personal preference. I prefer a telephone conversation, as it allows for much more interaction and feels a lot more real than typing something online. The experience is best when sitting face to face with someone – but unless you have someone in your neighbourhood that’s very good at what they do; this just isn’t a realistic option for many of us. I much prefer to talk to a world-class expert on the phone, rather than sitting opposite someone who doesn’t have a clue about what they are doing. What really matters at the end of the day is how much value (in terms of spiritual guidance and real-life advice) you get out of it, not whether you meet someone in person. If you do decide to meet in person, make sure you thoroughly review their reputation online. If they do not have any positive reviews, I recommend you don’t go see them. They are either not reputable or inexperienced. While face-to-face readings can be more engaging and more fun, online psychic readings can be a whole lot cheaper and can put you in touch with the best professionals in the world. So do some research in your area, but it might just be easier and better to get a personalized reading online or on the phone.

Psychic reading by phone

After searching for countless of hours, we couldn’t find a free psychic reading by phone. They just aren’t out there, and for those that claim to offer free psychic reading by phone, check the number, as it’s very likely to be a premium phone number which will cost you more than you think. While you might not be able to get a free psychic reading by phone, there are plenty of really inexpensive options we found. One of the best services I encountered was Ask Now and Psychic Source, a service that offers psychic phone readings at a $1 a minute (they normally charge well over $5 a minute). The good news is that the first 3 minutes are free for new customers when you sing up through out link. This will allow you to try out their service risk free and see whether you agree with me that this is a great service. Below is a video from some of the Psychic Source readers, explaining why telephone readings are much better in some ways, and particularly on the fact that psychic phone readings offer you complete privacy, which other types of readings simply cannot offer.

Psychic reading by email

As with readings over the phone, it’s difficult to find real offers that provide a free psychic reading by email – but plenty of psychics offer amazingly accurate readings via email for a very small fee. Below are we list out the online services that are worth your time and as a bonus we also include a great offer, which is completely free, and gives you the possibility of asking a completely free question by email to an experienced psychic:

Me and my team have tried countless of different readings, and our favorite psychic reading by email are as follows

1. Ask Now

Ask Now is one of our favourite places to get psychic advice. We wrote a full review of Ask Now here where we concluded that this is one of the best psychic reading services online. They have been around for a very long time, have excellent customer testimonials, and are very cheap for the value they can offer you.

2. Psychic Source

While free psychic reading by email might not be as accurate as a phone reading (since the expert has no sense of sound via email), it’s still a worthwhile starting point. We’ve mention Psychic Source before in this article, and we’re rating them very highly on the fact that they are providing a completely free email reading. I will write a more detailed Psychic Source review soon, but in the meantime this is a great way to test them out at no charge.

Read our full review of Psychic Source here

3. Hollywood Psychics

This service claims to have some seriously gifted psychics – and we’ll go into this in more detail in our Hollywood Psychics review, but for now, it’s sufficient to say that they are offering a free psychic email reading designed to test their service out. Their hope is of course that you become a paying customer and hire them for a more in depth reading. Getting a reading from this service, in our experience, can clarify some issues in your life and more importantly when you wan to take the steps necessary to overcome such issues.

Psychic chat

We were a little more hopeful to find a website offering a free psychic chat session, but alas, this was a no go as well. Not to worry though, the psychics we mentioned above offer both email and online chat. We prefer email though, as you’ll have a clear record of the reading that you can print out, and keep for the future. It’s really useful to read over old readings and see just how your life has progressed. You’ll be surprised how much you can grow in just a short period of time.

Is a psychic the same as a fortune teller?

Yes and no. Most psychics will tell you that they do not tell fortunes. The way I see it, a fortuneteller is more for entertainment purposes. No one can ever predict the future with complete accuracy; a high quality psychic on the other hand, can definitely guide you to a better future. The best psychic readings I’ve ever had felt like a spiritual consultation, almost like being in a therapist office. It’s someone who guides and encourages you to make the right decision instead of predicting what will happen, something that is impossible anyway.

On the other hand, the worst psychic readings (usually one of the many free psychic readings online we went through to write this article) felt like a complete scam. A fake attempt to predict the future by a fortuneteller online that was more entertaining than it was useful. I recommend you stay far away from the so-called free online psychic reading unless you just want to get some entertainment. These services prey on the gullible and easily deceived, and I know you’re not on of those if you’re still reading this article.

The main difference between a fortune teller and a genuine spiritual advisor is that an online fortune teller will tell you exactly what you want to hear (whether it’s true or not) and a genuine practitioner will guide you in the direction you need to take to reach the future you envisage for yourself.

How does this compare to a tarot reading?

A psychic reading will give you the clarity needed to tackle the problems your facing, and as far as I’m concerned, how they get to the conclusion is almost irrelevant.fortune teller online Some psychics will use a crystal ball, others will use their heightened spiritual senses, while some will use tarot cards. I’m personally a big fan of psychic tarot readings; since these incorporate the power of tarot and the heightened sense of awareness the reader possesses, which when combined can be really powerful. So tarot is not different, it merely complements a psychic reading. In fact many of the best psychics use tarot cards to guide the reading and improve your end result. Many websites even use the 2 words interchangeably so don’t get too confused when you’re offered a tarot reading when you’re expecting a psychic reading online, as these are pretty much the same thing.

If you’d like to find about more about tarot, click here to find out more about tarot readings and where to get a free tarot reading online.

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