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Dr. Connie Hernandez, N.D. | Dr. Marcel Hernandez N.D. | Dr. Shanti Rubenstone M.D.
Benjamin Alter, N.D,| Brad Beldner| Jane Hernandez, CCHT

Connie Hernandez, N.D.Benjamin Alter, N.D.
General Naturopathic Medicine, Adjunctive Cancer Care, Chronic Illness, Lifestyle Counseling, Therapeutic Nutrition, Homeopathy

Three painful accidents requiring emergency-room treatment and long recoveries (falling off a skateboard at age twelve, flying over the handlebars of a mountain bike, a broken wrist in his twenties) caused Benjamin to reflect deeply on the true nature of healing. On course to become a doctor, his reflections caused him to take a drastic turn.


After earning a degree in human physiology at the University of Arizona, Benjamin joined a research project in Hungary, investigating brain cancer genomics. A series of illnesses while working abroad led him to greater self-awareness – he realized it was not the food, water, or pathogens that were causing his acute symptoms, but that something deeper was missing.

He began a practice of daily meditation and centering, and as he began to take control of his thoughts and inner experiences, he found his outer experiences shifting in amazing ways. Excited by this direct experience of the mind-body connection, Benjamin began to re-evaluate his plan to pursue traditional medicine.

On returning to the U.S., he pursued an MA in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Through inner work that involved identifying, owning, loving, and forgiving all aspects and experiences of his life, he formed a new personal definition of healing.

This transformation continues to mold his daily life experience, and intimately informs his approach to medicine. Since entering Naturopathic Medicine, he has devoted his life to preserving traditional healing modalities that call upon the body’s innate self-healing abilities. Benjamin believes that the individual body and person are their own best healers. He sees his role as supporting the client as a teacher while offering the most effective, gentle medicines possible. 

When not seeing patients or keeping up with the latest health trends, Benjamin stays active with cycling, yoga, hiking, and daily high-intensity interval training. He balances his energetic life with restorative activities such as writing and daily meditation.

His most profound joy is to spend time with his beloved partner Susanna, an emerging Naturopathic Doctor. The couple love getting in the dirt with organic gardening, preparing plant-based dishes, and spending time together outdoors. They believe their relationship presents an opportunity for immense healing, growth, and loving.  



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Dr. Connie Hernandez, N.D. | Dr. Marcel Hernandez N.D. | Dr. Shanti Rubenstone M.D.
Benjamin Alter, N.D. | Brad Beldner | Jane Hernandez, CCHT

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