California Psychics Review

california psychics reviewCalifornia Psychics has been getting more popular recently due to their TV advertising, and we’ve been asked by many of you to give our opinion of this website. On top of that, since I’ve been a long-time customer of California Psychics, I’ve really wanted to share my review of this service with you for some time now.

As you’ll see below, this really is one of the best websites to gain access to some of the top psychics on the planet. They have been around since 1995 (which is an eternity in Internet years!) and they have been my go-to psychic service for several years now.

Review Of California Psychics

California Psychics is a psychic website with the top qualified psychic readers at your disposal. This unique psychic site sources the services of the best readers to offer precise and true readings to their wide customer base. The services offered by the psychics work in three major ways.

The customers can opt for the reading style. This is normally suitable for straightforward readings. The readings can be compassionate or inspirational.

On the other hand, customers can also choose to call and get the direct services of a psychic reader. This could prove challenging to some since the readers may be busy at the time you are calling. However, there are options that can mitigate this eventuality. The reader can choose to be alerted when their reader is online or they can opt for the call back option. This will mean that once the reader is available, the client will be notified to call back and have their reading.

In addition to online and telephone readings, California psychic’s horoscopes are yet another way of getting advice on life’s challenges and opportunities. They update their horoscopes on a daily basis allowing customers the latest readings on their website. The horoscopes can also be sent to clients via email if that’s easier for you.

Services Offered

California Psychics offer a wide range of services including readings on:

  • Love, family and relationships
  • Career and finances
  • Destiny, life paths and other general life related issues.

It is important to notice that all these services are priced differently and are dependent on the duration in which you engage with the psychic readers. A client can select the package that they prefer and can afford.

What you can be confident of however, is that you’ll receive very high-quality advice from top-rated advisors and mediums. I personally have used them for a variety of reasons, including seeking advice and insight on life’s issues. Sometimes a comforting listener, with some solid advice can do wonders.

Psychics have become a lot more mainstream over the last decade or so, and have become accepted by society due to their ability to genuinely help people. In the traditional sense, they are used as fortune tellers, where they may foresee events yet to happen in your life, and in a lot of cases, they are used as a spiritual advisor. A lot has been said about psychics with some claiming they are fraudsters while others support their genuineness. Whatever the reason for you wanting to receive a reading, one of the best psychic readings you can ever get is from Before you quickly settle on this being your go to site, this California Psychics review will give you a better understanding of what to expect and will make your decision a lot easier.

What’s So Special About California Psychics?

We are all aware that there are numerous psychics out there with some claiming to be the best of the best. However, California Psychics stand out from all the others.

First and foremost, the first thing you would notice is the user friendly website. The home page is quite informative without overpowering the client with too much information. It is also precise only giving relevant overview information. For more information on a specific service offered, all one has to do is click on one of the links availed and presto; all the information you need will be at your disposal.california psychics customer reviews

Secondly, the kind of care you get as a client is beyond anything you could expect. All the calls you make to the California Psychics are received by a professional customer care attendant. The customer care services are available at all times for your convenience, 24/7/365. The customer care attendant will help you to sign up to the services, choose a suitable psychic for your needs as well as addressing any queries you may have.

All this is great. However, the single most important thing that makes the California Psychics stand out is their psychics screening process. The screening process is quite engaging. This ensures that only qualified psychics make the cut. In many cases, the process trims down the number of applicants to be left with around 3% who will be hired for their services. This means that clients are served with only the best psychics in the field. This also goes to prove that this is not a California Psychics scam. While any website has complaints, we have noticed the level of complaints for this service to be very low. In addition to the many positive customer reviews we found online, that’s a great sign!

The Verdict

If you are looking for professional psychic services, then California Psychics is among the best choices out there. You’ll be in safe and capable hands and you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ll receive a professional, friendly and highly accurate reading. If you’re looking for the most talented and experienced psychics, then this is the service for you!

From looking at other customer testimonials out there, is probably the best psychic website around and is one of my favorites. They assure all their clients of the highest levels of privacy, satisfaction and quality service.

I hope that this California Psychics review has helped you make a decision on where to get your reading – I’m sure you’ll get a lot of value out of your experience with them!