Ask Now Psychic Reviews – Does AskNow Offer The Best Psychic Reading?

ask now psychicsAsk Now is one of the most popular psychic networks around. They advertise their services as “the best”, “easy to use”, “affordable” and “convenient”. We’ll do a full Ask Now Psychic review to make sure you make the right decision when deciding on a psychic.

What is Ask Now?

AskNow has been one of my favorite psychic reading services for some time now. They allow you to either call or chat online with some of the most experienced and talented psychics, Tarot readers and spiritual advisors. Each psychic is thoroughly tested for their clarity, accuracy and commitment. In other words with Ask Now Psychics, you’re only getting the best psychics. You can literally call them 24/7 – as their service is available at any time.

I’ve mostly used their phone psychic reading service but have also tested their online service. Both of which I will be reviewing here.

Is AskNow the best psychic service?

ask now psychic reviewAs we’ve mentioned before, all their employees are carefully screened to ensure you’ll have the best experience. This alone makes them incredibly valuable. I personally don’t like calling just anyone and sharing personal details with. Knowing they are part of a trustworthy organization makes me feel better. What’s more, AskNow can help you find the perfect psychic for you based on your personality and needs. In fact, we found their customer support to be incredibly helpful. Customer care teams are available to help you with any issues 24/7 which is useful if you’re wanting to get started at an unsociable hour.

I also found out that all their psychics work from their own home, which makes them more comfortable. This is apparently important to the quality of the reading because being at home and comfortable, makes the psychics more intuitive and therefore much more effective.

The key is to find the best psychic for you personally. You’ll have hundreds to chose from, and you can even chose based on their expertise (e.g. relationships and love, dream interpretations, horoscope and astrology, career and goals, money and so on). It might take a few until you find the perfect advisor, but in theory everyone you speak to should be caring, qualified to help and very talented.


We highly recommend you call a psychic directly to get you the full effect and benefit, but a great way of testing a service out is to ask one free psychic question. Something which AskNow offers – see below:

But to answer the question of whether they really are the best psychics, we’ll have to look at what their current customers think.


AskNow Customer Reviews

Having gone through many of the online Ask Now customer reviews, there are several concerns. Overall, customer feedback is excellent and clearly many customers are incredibly happy with the service and quite a few seem to be regular returning customers. However, we found some customers that were not satisfied with the reading they had. Some reviewers say it is a scam and having reviewed several psychics, both online and over the telephone, this is a recurring negative comment. You do need an open mind and have realistic expectation when getting a reading. It’s certainly not the magical solution to all your problems and if that’s what you think, you probably will think any psychic reading is a scam.

A psychic certainly won’t predict your entire life with any accuracy. They do however help you understand yourself better by giving you unique insight and guide you to making better decisions. This alone is invaluable to us all.

Overall, there are too many positive customer reviews to not recommend this service. In addition, Ask Now has been around for over 10 years. They clearly know what they are doing and have helped literally thousands of people gain insights in their own lives and guided them to a better future.

In my opinion, Ask Now Psychics offers one of the better one psychic websites and telephone services available. What I particularly like for those on a budget is that you’ll pay according to the level of experience the psychic advisor has. You can therefore get a cheaper reading, but still get high quality psychic advise as all meet their high quality criteria.

I encourage you to try them out today – see below for the latest offers which will take you to the official website: